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Packaging is the face of your brand. Even a tiny package must speak for your entire company in your absence. The shelves in the retail environment are increasingly cramped and have become a floor-to-ceiling battlefield. At a time when space is shrinking and the number of competitors is increasing, your package must stand out. Consas Graphic is such a company who produces innovative, yet functional, retail packaging design solutions that rise above competitors’ products.

We specialize in food packaging design and branding consumer goods for restaurants, beauty, health, fitness, people, and technology. We believe in getting your products on the shelf with beautiful, yet utilitarian design that delivers results and engages customers.

Consas Graphic creates structurally sound packaging that minimizes the potential damage that can occur during transportation and distribution. We understand that replacing damaged items can accumulate costs far greater than the savings achieved with sustainable efforts; therefore, we strive to create the most cost-effective, yet functional, retail packaging design solutions.


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