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Folding Cartons :

OJB Packaging (P) Ltd. is into folding carton typically made of paperboard, which are cut, folded, laminated and printed for manufacturers. At OJB Packaging (P) Ltd. we have high quality machinery to fold the carton into its final shape as a container for a product. Adding to the final touch we give these cartons their complete ready to be sold look as well taking care of its ornamentation, client specific varnishing, and safety features (if any). We cater to the wide range sectors keeping in view that each individual customer are equally important to us in their own way. Cartons are made as per clients specific choice and stipulation to obey their requirement.

Retail Geared up Packs :

OJB Packaging (P) Ltd maintain the pace to cater the ongoing demand of Retail sector of ready to use packs to ensure 100%. Satisfaction of the end user. These packs are designed in such away that they are self satisfactory and attractive at the same time. The production team along with the expectation of the client work together to ensure that these retail ready packs are up to the mark. These retail ready packs are made by us keeping in mind the final customers as well who would be the buyers of the products, the trend, fashion and the sophistication is maintained by us.

The Creative Era…..

In today's market where everyone looks for that “extra thing” how can we stay behind? We ensure that our creative team works hand in hand with our production team to get the ultimate end product to our client's contentment. Today's competitive market is constantly in search of the new and the innovative. These innovative ideas is indeed our strength, as our creative team is continuously working towards giving not only our client the accurate product but also the end customers their flawless product. The center of attention of the creative team remains in numerous sectors such as global market, the trends, the correct materials required and the research and development of that “extra thing” which our client always look forward to in corporate in their products. Creativity, innovation or new ideas whatever you wish to call has always been our focal point of production. OJB Packaging (P) Ltd. leave no stones unturned to ensure that you get your individual piece of unique end product - be it cartons, labels, retail ready packs or area that deals with the printing and packaging industry.


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